Saturday, May 16, 2015

What's New~ Part 1

Once again much time has passed since I have blogged, though it is not due to a lack of events going on around our home, quite the opposite.

The biggest event that is transpiring is.....wait for it..!! We are looking to adopt again! Yep, we are probably totally crazy, but I love our kind of crazy. Right now we are in the praying, waiting, and paperwork stage. So would you pray with us?! Pray that if this is the Lord's will all the right doors would be opened. These children need a family, a forever home, a place to be loved and cherished. And yes I mean kiddos as in plural, we are not just looking at one child, we are looking at a large sibling group. Once I am able I will write another post with more details, but for now please pray - be in much prayer on our behalf and in behalf of these children. Every child needs someplace to belong and feel loved.

In mid April my brother and his family came from Pennsylvania to surprise our dad for his birthday.

Dad's Birthday!
 I adore time spent with them. My nephew is absolutely adorable, he has such a precious smile.

Quilan enjoyed exploring the grass in Boston on a beautiful Spring day

My stunning sister-in-law
I am a little obsessed with this photo. It is currently the background on my computer. When I look at this photograph I see a story - one with a very happy middle, the story is yet to be finished. I see an uncle who adores his nephew. I see a little boy who has come so far and healed so immensely. I see a little boy who previously struggled to love or accept love, now lavish love on his nephew. To me that's why this photo speaks volumes. This was not a posed photograph, it was one snapped by my sister upon seeing the interaction.

I recently had the honor of being in a dear friend's wedding. She was a radiant bride. I love witnessing the joy and love as two become one before God, their families, and friends.
Isn't she breathtaking?! Making sure her veil is in place before she headed down the aisle to meet her groom!

I love this lady dearly, I am so thankful I have had the privilege to have her by my side in life since we were little girls.

Soon (well hopefully :) I will follow up this post with part 2 of the latest happenings in our ever growing, love filled, crazy home.


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  1. Jessie, I'm so grateful for this update and I love seeing the photos of your family. You all are so VERY dear to our family. We are praying and praying and praying for those siblings to be able to join your family!!!! May God bless and keep you! Denise