Saturday, March 7, 2015


A child's life matters, no matter how small, no matter the special need.

People have many different reasons why they decide to abort a baby in the womb, ultimately it comes down to selfishness and sin. One reason you sometimes hear, is that the baby won't be "normal", he or she may be born with health complications and will not be able to live a "normal" life and that's not fair to the child or me. Oh how you miss out on a great joy if you feed yourself that lie. Just because a child may be born with a handicap does not make them any less important, any less a human. Special needs children are challenging - you will probably have many sleepless nights, many hospital visits, many ups and downs, but oh the immense joy they bring into one's life. They change you, they give you a different view, a better view on life. When I look at my little brother I see joy, not sadness because he is not living a "normal" life.  I see someone who is so extremely happy in life and he isn't missing out on anything. He is probably one of the happiest little guys I have ever known. I am so grateful that his biological mother chose life, that she didn't see that he would have special needs and decide to take his life. I am grateful that God brought him into our family. To the world it's just one life, but to our family he is everything, he is joy on a hard day, he is laughter at the dinner table, he is my sweet baby brother. A life I am truly grateful for!