Monday, January 12, 2015


Today was a difficult day...draining emotionally....even two years after a former orphan coming into our home there are still battles, emotions fly, sin is exposed, hurt is revealed, and my heart is left heavy and tired. My selfishness is revealed to me when I feel as though I have been wronged. I don't wish for my siblings to not have come by any means, I love them dearly...but in all honesty some days I do wish for a calm peaceful day without such struggles. Yet we do not live in a perfect world where sin doesn't exist, we will have to fight it everyday. We have to die to self every minute of everyday.
I left the house late this afternoon to run some errands with a heavy heart, feeling worn down. While I was sitting waiting for Maxim to come out of his gymnastics practice I came across this article on CAFO talking about human trafficking. It caused my heart to ache more deeply thinking of the vulnerable children in this world, yet it also gave me a new boost, a new drive,  "No one on the planet is more vulnerable to trafficking than a child growing up without parents." This is one of the reasons that tugs my heart for the orphans of this world. The statistics are extremely saddening "a recent Los Angeles Probation Department survey revealed that about 60% of the 174 children arrested for prostitution were foster children." Orphan care plays a huge role in fighting modern day slavery. Taking in one child doesn't stop trafficking, but it's a step in the right direction, it's one less child being left to the wolves. God knew my heart was worn and He had me come across this article at just the right time. Yes adoption and orphan care takes a toll on you, yes it hurts. True love is sacrificial, it will take a lot out of you. The reward is far greater than the things you will "give up". As the day winds down God has brought sweet healing to my soul, leaving me feeling refreshed and ready to start again tomorrow.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

They Are All Real

When meeting new people they are always surprised by the "large" number of siblings I have and the question soon follows "are they all real siblings?" Why yes they are all REAL siblings, sometimes the look you get is odd, the fact being one of my brothers is Haitian by decent and how could you possibly have that many biological siblings. "Oh you mean how many are adopted?" Well that's not what you asked at first. You see, all my siblings are real siblings,  one not more than another. Three of my siblings are adopted and five are biological, but again all very much real siblings. I know many people probably don't mean anything by their question and are just curious. But how do you think it might make my sibling feel (who is adopted) when standing there with me and someone asks if they are a "real" sibling or not. Answer: not so good. They want to feel a part of a family, not the odd one out. Yes they are adopted,  but that's only part of their story, that's not all of who they are. They have their own personalities, just like all my biological siblings. I'm so thankful for my extra large family, and if I had my way it would be even bigger!