Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Good Listen

I recently listened to a wonderful sermon by Voddie Baucham on adoption. I highly recommend taking some time and listening to it.  I found it extremely encouraging. He makes wonderful points on adoption and brings it back to Christ and why, as believers, we can adopt from the knowledge that we have been adopted by our heavenly father.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Adopted by Christ!

It was a beautiful crisp Sunday morning in September and our church was gathered at a local pond  to witness the baptism of five children from our church. Among those being baptized was my sweet sister Nastya. As I stood and watched these young people declare their love for Christ and their need of Him, I was struck with how far God has brought Nastya. God has changed her heart of stone, one that hated God and was bitter to the world around her, to a healing heart in love with her Heavenly Father who has adopted her. The beauty that I saw and felt brought tears to my eyes knowing that this was God's plan for her life....and it has only just begun. I thank God for bringing her to us through adoption, but I thank Him even more for her heavenly adoption. One that is not temporary, one that is eternal.

Nastya and our church deacon before her baptism

Thank you Lord for the work You have done!

The kiddos who were baptized