Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ready or Not

Today is the day!!!! Our little man will be arriving here shortly!  I am SO excited!

His room was finished just in the nick of time, as we just finished up yesterday. Thanks to the help of some dear friends, family, and the hard work and late nights Dad has put into it. Now there are just some small details that need to be finished up, but thankfully all the big things were able to be accomplished.

It went from looking like this~

To this :)

Before too long he will transition into a "big kids" bed. But for now we will keep using the same crib he has been using, so as not to change everything on the little guy all at once. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Goodbye..

A couple weeks ago I had my last day at my job. It was a bittersweet day. I have been a PCA for 4 years, taking care of a precious little girl. She has been such a huge part of my life! I have come to love her dearly, as well as her family.

A couple weeks before I ended working I was able to take her to the beach for the day and just spend some wonderful time together. I am sure going to miss seeing her each week. I have learned so much in caring for her these past few years, God has stretched and grown me and I am so thankful for it.

Nastya and Maxim have loved getting to know her since they were adopted

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

When you think of adopting what comes to mind?

People have asked our family when hearing of us adopting again, "What, not enough kids yet?" or "Do you just enjoy the challenge?" or "Don't you have enough going on already?".  I feel as though my response in the moment is never a good one, not one at least that says how I really feel. What my response really is however, is this:  There are many ways of thinking of adoption.  However, I often see two ways of thought contrasted.  1. You are adopting to get what you want and meet a need you feel you have, or 2. you are adopting to give the child what they need, a family/love.

So do we have enough kids yet?  Are there still orphans?!!!

Do I just enjoy the challenge?  I would ask do you enjoy seeing a child in pain?  It's not about the challenge, it's about giving a child unconditional love.  It's about seeing some of their pain heal.  It's about making that child an orphan no more.  It's about sharing the gospel with a child who may never have heard.  It's about Christ adopting us in our helplessness and making us orphans no more.  It's about answering God's call to care for the orphans. So as long as there are still orphans, and the Lord allows me/us, I want to adopt. The need is great!  Millions of children are waiting for a family, waiting for someone to love them!

Don't you have enough going on already? I would ask, "When is the perfect time?"  In our fleshly minds, there may never be a perfect time.  We can always find excuses why we won't do something - time, finances, energy, and so on. But, if God has adoption for your family all those things will be worked out, He will provide.  He will give you the strength you need to accomplish the work He has set before you.

So that is my response to us adopting again :) And I am not saying that if you don't feel called to adoption then you are being sinful, but I do believe that every person is called to care for the orphans of this world, and that can play out in many different areas of helping.


Thursday, June 12, 2014


"God adopted us at a profound cost to himself. So adopting an orphan, even when difficult, is just a small retelling of the gospel. That story too includes suffering."