Saturday, April 26, 2014

Beauty From The Inside

A couple weeks ago Nastya celebrated her thirteenth birthday. This beautiful girl has continued to blossom and grow this past year. Her smile has become more genuine, deeper. She is such a vibrant, caring girl.  I am truly thankful I have the privilege to be her sister and to watch her grow into the young lady she is becoming. 


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"I'm Starving"

"I"m starving!" Most of us have said those words, yet very few of us have any idea what those words truly mean.  I know I have used those words wrongly in the past. When we were young my mother would always remind us when we exclaimed "We Are Starving" that we truly didn't know what starving really was, and I didn't.  My belly had and has never known what starving is like. So now I try to never use that phrase, because by God's grace I have no clue what it means to be lacking in food and in saying it I feel as though I am negating those who have suffered and are suffering from lack of nourishment. The other day someone boldly said that they were "starving!" and Maxim quietly looked up at me with a sad look on his face and said "they just had food today, how can they be starving?" Sadly, my baby brother knows the gnawing feeling to be lacking food.  It breaks my heart to hear of the struggles he has endured, yet by God's glorious grace he is alive.

My heart is not done aching for all the precious children around the world suffering from starvation.  We can't help every child, but one at a time makes a difference. If we all thought as much about what we could do to help as we did about what our next meal or snack will be there might just be less starvation. I'm a foodie. I'm not saying we can't enjoy the wonderful food God has blessed us with, we should enjoy it, but we also need to make sure we don't take it for granted. Our blessings should lead us then to bless others.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Waiting is not my strong suit.  When I know something is going to happen I get so excited and have a hard time waiting, like a child on Christmas morning. Right now I am greatly wanting to meet and bring home my little brother! I know many people who adopt can wait long periods of time, even years in some cases, to meet their child. Our last adoption was so different from this one, we had less then 24 hours notice before we met and had Nastya and Maxim come into our home, of course it took much longer for the adoption to be finalized but the wait to meet them was so much shorter and I loved that aspect of it. I eagerly await the call to say that the paperwork has been filed and we can bring our little man home. I look forward to that day with immense excitement! In the meantime I am praying for patience, that I would rest and know that God has the perfect time in store for our little guy to come home.