Friday, February 21, 2014

Orphan Cry

The song "Orphan" by John Waller has been on repeat in our house these past few days. It has become a new favorite. Maxim said he feels like the song is about him and Nastya. Nastya said her cry for a family was answered just like in the song. We serve a wonderful Savior. We can adopt because He has adopted us!

Here are some words my Dad shared after pondering the song. He says it much better than I could :)

"In James 1:27 God reveals a character of the believer who is rightly walking by faith and hearing & listening to God EQUALING true religion. James does not write about how a church service is conducted (although that is definitely important). He defines true religion as the fruit of our walk with God, that reveals itself in many ways, but here in James 1:27 as how we deal with widows and orphans. We most always think only in terms of a spouse dying, or parents dying – which then causes someone to be a widow or an orphan.

But also contained in the definition of a widow or an orphan – is someone who is abandoned or neglected. So when a husband abandons, neglects, and or abuses his wife, the Christian is called to defend that woman as her protector and provider. So too with children who are abandoned, neglected, and or abused, the Christian is to fight for their life, their protection, their safety, etc. And this would include those children whose parents have already abandoned their child in the womb, as they proceed to the abortion clinic to finish the abandonment by murdering their child.

Why is it, that we in our “Christian culture” think that silence EQUALS obedience. We think that if we are not doing the evil that others do, then we are EQUAL to obedience. Silence as a child sleeps in an orphanage, silence while a child lives in abuse, silence when a child fights to sustain themselves, silence while a child lives on the street, etc… silence is not really silence but a refusal to listen to God. And silence most definitely is not EQUAL to obedience.

May we be a generation of believers that hears the will of God and responds not in silence, but in action for the glory of God and the good of the widow and the orphan, however they got to be in that situation. May the world know by our actions that our GOD REIGNS!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Smiling Faces

These two kiddos have been through so many up and downs together.

Nastya has such a love and care for her little brother who she has watched out for since he entered the world.

On Monday night it snowed, so I thought Tuesday morning would make for pretty picture taking with everything covered in snow. Maxim tired of taking photos pretty fast, but I was able to get a couple of their beautiful faces.