Saturday, September 21, 2013

One Year!

Wow, how could one year have already passed since our world changed and we received the blessing of two new siblings?! Time sure does fly. As I reflect on this last year I am in awe of all God has done in our family and truly thankful for the change He has brought about in Nastya and Maxim, and our whole family. He has grown and stretched each one of us in ways I never thought possible, making us realize even more our great need of Him to sustain us each day. This quote is oh so true....

Yet with each trial that comes, God sees us through and He sustains and guides us. Each hurt the kiddos throw at us to push us away, so they are the ones hurting and not being hurt, makes me know they need love so badly and they just don't know a healthy way to show it.

Yes, rosy family is not how I would always describe us. I am sure sometimes people see us when we are out and wonder what is up with "that family" as children throw fits (not appropriate for their age- well not good for any age), yet you have to ignore the shocked looks and disgusted looks of people and push on and deal with the struggles and correct the behaviors. Others have no clue what these children have been through (all the pain and hurt).  They also have no idea of how far the children have already come.  I have learned much and God continues to humble me and I am thankful to Him for that. We don't always know what the stranger at the store, library, park or so on has been through and we need to show love and grace to them.

So yes this year has had many trials and tears, but also SO MUCH JOY!
Seeing the love Nastya and Maxim do show makes my heart full with so much happiness and joy! The first time "I love you" is said is such a huge moment of thankfulness! I really can't describe how it feels, after months of loving a child, and then to hear them say "I love you".... the feeling is like nothing I have ever felt. To see how far they have come in their knowlege of Christ is so encouraging.  I am still praying that God will draw them to Himself. How I long for them to be saved and to know the true joy of unconditional love.

First night they were here, one year ago today :)

They both have blossomed so much and changed, growing up fast...
Maxim tends to scrunch his eyes when I ask for a picture :)

There are two fewer orphans this year, yet there are SO many more still needing homes.... Pray, ponder.. what is God calling you to do to help the millions of orphans?!


Sunday, September 8, 2013

School is in session!

Another school year has started for the kiddos, well and for me too I guess, I am going back to the first grade :).

I'll be doing Maxim's teaching this year. I am very excited at the opportunity and blessed to be able to work with my little cutie. I could not have asked for a better first day back to doing school. Maxim was SO excited for school! Now if only the excitement lasts the whole year... :)

Maxim wanted to get dressed nice for his first day back to school :)