Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hurting heart...

As I was left in charge of the kiddos tonight so the parents could attend bible study I was reminded that Maxim is still very much hurting inside. He struggles daily, but today was just a little more than "normal" (whatever that word may mean, ha). His guard is up and he hurts you before you can hurt him...that's his mindset. I pray for the day when he realizes we have no desire to hurt him, only to love him. I am hurting emotionally and physically as anyone with adoptive siblings or children can imagine. Having Maxim come into my life has sure grown and stretched me in ways I could not have imagined. Perhaps making me ready to adopt someday myself?!? I know I am just his older sister, but he is also my baby, my love for him is beyond words. When he lashes out in violence, my heart just loves him more, not because of his sin in being disobedient, but because of the little boy who is hurting so badly and does not know how to handle it. . . because all the pain and hurt he has been through has left a deep scar. Makes me want to go and adopt a bunch more precious children who need someone to love them! In the meantime, I will pray that if it is God's will He will open the door for us to adopt again, the more kiddos the better :).

When Maxim does let his guard down he is one of the sweetest boys you will meet. He can be so silly, always making us laugh and bringing so much joy. I thought this picture captured some of his sweetness :) That smile melts my heart!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Adoption complete!

This post is a little late in coming, but I wanted to say, Yahoo we have two new offical members to our family! No more "when will the judge call" or "will he let me stay here", or "when is my adoption date going to be". The adoption is final! Nastya and Maxim are officially and forever in our family. July 24th will always be a special day, a day that Nastya finally let herself relax and realize this is her home and we would not ever give her away. She could breath a little more easily knowing the papers were signed and she was in a family, one that loved her dearly, not on the condition of her actions. The years of pain to get to this point are far more than any of us will ever endure in our lives.
Oh the joy in her face the morning of the adoption was priceless, a true delight to behold and be a part of.

On the way to the court house. You could not take the smile off her beautiful face :)

Our boy of many faces ;) Maxim was excited but held it back most the day.
He does not like to need people or for people to know how much he really cares.
The pain he has gone through has left a large scar.
Oh how I wish to wipe all the pain away......
For me the moment I saw my precious siblings in our driveway they were family, no matter what a piece of paper said, this just made it official! I am truly thankful to God for bringing them into our lives! I would have never imagined a year ago that I would have two more wonderful siblings.

An extremely happy girl hugging daddy after the papers were signed

Thankful for all the family and friends who came to court and celebrated in the joy of adoption with us!