Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Journey Home

I have always loved reading blogs and seeing how God is working in people’s lives. Everyone has a story and no two are exactly the same. God created us each different and that is the beauty. The idea of blogging has always sounded enticing to me but also scared me.  Sharing my thoughts for anyone to read who wants to can be scary, but then I thought maybe God could use something He has shown me to help and encourage someone else just as the many blogs I have read have encouraged me. I thought now would be a good time to start because I am going to Africa for three weeks and I want to keep everyone at home updated on how it is going. Ever since I was little I have prayed I could go to Africa and serve. And now I get to! I will be going this October.  I will be going with my grandmother and my dear cousin, Kali. We will be going to Cameroon, Africa. I am overjoyed at this opportunity! I pray that God uses me and that people will see God shine through me!

When I was thinking about what to call my blog I thought “My Journey Home” sounded like a good name.  This world is not my home and the steps I take on this earth are only me on my journey to my forever home with Jesus! So here goes my journey, I pray that God will use it to point you to Christ!